Time 4 Trees

Time 4 Trees

As a business that uses and relies on a natural resource, we wanted to put something back. So we spent time looking for the right tree planting programme – something down to earth, practical and proactive. We found the right partner in Time 4 Trees.

As growers and suppliers of indigenous forestry trees, they're committed to placing a million saplings every year into the locations that need them the most. Crucially, we can see the results on our doorstep, right here in Essex and London with full audited traceability. Even better, 10% of our sponsorship money is invested into UK renewable energy projects, which in turn generate revenue for educational and flood mitigation projects.

As part of the Time 4 Trees 2013 living legacy programme, we initially funded the planting of 2,500 trees at Abberton Reservoir – a wetland nature reserve owned by Essex Wildlife Trust. In 2014 we committed to planting another 6,000 trees, six for every cubic metre of timber we use. And in future we plan to dedicate areas of planted woodland to specific clients who want to be connected with our tree planting programme. It is simply the right thing to do.

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Woodbury Wetlands
Brockwell Park
Abberton Reservoir
Northaw Community Orchard

Brown & Carroll's commitment to the Time 4 Trees programme is an inspiring development that should give clients ever greater confidence in the sustainability of their operation.

Dr Simon Gerrard