Sustainable Technology

Sustainable Technology

Since 2010 when we moved to our current factory, we have continued to focus on the reduction of energy consumption, investing in further innovations that have helped us achieve a whopping 12.5% drop in our total electricity use.

Our largest power draw was the main extraction fan, so we added eco gates to all of our woodworking machinery to automatically shut the gates in the dust extraction ducts when idle. An inverter then reduces the fan speed according to the number of active machines, ensuring that it only runs at full capacity when necessary.

We've installed motion sensitive PIR switches to lighting in our offices and toilets and as a next step, we plan to use light sensitive photo cells for automatic daylight switching in our main factory area.

Currently we are also exploring the viability of installing roof thermal insulation and a photo-voltaic array to produce electricity.

Our ambition is to consistently achieve the best environmental performance in our industry.

Paul Carroll
Managing Director